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Strengthening National Cybersecurity Resilience: Insights from the FinCSIRT Point of Contact Forum

I recently participated in the Point of Contact Forum at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, where FinCSIRT (Sri Lanka Financial Sector Computer Security Incident Response Team) Point of Contacts gathered to share knowledge and insights on the evolving cybersecurity landscape. The primary objective of this gathering was to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among…

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Navigating the Tech Seas: Key Insights from Global Agility Summit’23 – Sri Lanka Edition on Data, AI, and Cloud

Recently, I attended the Global Agility Summit’23 – Sri Lanka Edition organized by StrategINK, which focused on Data, AI, and Cloud. The summit, held at Courtyard by Marriott on November 3rd, provided valuable insights and highlighted the ongoing transformation and adaptation required by businesses in the face of technological advancements and changing market conditions. Some of…

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The Role of Governance in Organizational Success

Governance is about making sure that your organization is being properly run. It’s not about managing the organization. It’s about creating a climate, a culture, and a way of doing business that is appropriate for your organization. Most of the spectacular business failures of the past years have been not failures of the management. They…

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