The Role of Governance in Organizational Success

Governance is about making sure that your organization is being properly run. It’s not about managing the organization. It’s about creating a climate, a culture, and a way of doing business that is appropriate for your organization.

Most of the spectacular business failures of the past years have been not failures of the management. They have been failures of governance. This is true not only in the commercial sector but also in the government and non-profit sectors too.

My experience has been that, if you have good governance, good oversight, clear leadership, and direction, then the rest will follow automatically.

When it comes to Governance, it goes beyond mere accountability. It’s not just about checking if we’ve done the right thing and thinking that’s enough. That’s not enough. Good governance is about setting a clear direction, monitoring progress, and providing the right feedback to all stakeholders involved.

Let’s focus on building good governance so that we can drive positive change, build trust with all stakeholders, and achieve long-term success.

(Photo Credit: Hunters Race on Unsplash)

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